In the computer world, the name of ASUS is known to almost everyone, big or small. Even the first brand recommendation for any product is ASUS. Yesterday was ASUS's Computex press conference which was inaugurated by Honorable Chairman of ASUS Mr. Johnny Shih. I knew in advance that I would not see any new motherboards or graphics cards at this event. And the full burden of gaming peripherals is now under the gaming sub-brand ROG. But even then ASUS has announced the release of their new innovative product at this press event.

ASUS VIVOWatch BP! The First Smartwatch To Monitor Blood Pressure
The main part of the press conference begins with a smartwatch announcement. Asus released their first smart watch VIVOWatch 3 years ago. In 2017, 3 years later, Asus announced for the first time in the tech world a smartwatch that can measure your blood pressure on the go. ASUS VIVOWatch BP is a smart watch that uses 4 sensors to accurately determine your current blood pressure.

How do you measure blood pressure in this watch? There will be a fingerprint reader at the top left of the watch so you can set your ID at the beginning of use. Then if you press on that fingerprint sensor for 15 seconds, you will get your blood pressure and with it your heart beat rate. Usually we have 5/6 days on a smartwatch and a maximum of 10 days on-time pie in a premium model until recharged. But in this smart watch you will get device on time for up to 20 days.

You will also find the ‘Health AI’ app on this device. This app will save all the information of your smartwatch. By going to the app, you can connect the smartwatch to your phone via WiFi. This app will come with different suggestions according to your blood pressure. That is, what to do to increase your blood pressure when it drops or what to do or eat to reduce it when it rises.

Also with this app you can see the analysis of various things including your personal habits, sleeping time, activity data. VivoWatch is going to be released in Q3 of this year i.e. in the next 3 months.

New VivoBook & Zenbook Laptop
Asus announced at their press conference the new VivoBook and Zenbook series laptops. Vivobook series laptops are for ordinary or on the go consumers and Zenbook is for those who like style and lightweight but can't discount the premium quality at all.

VivoBook Series
Asus has announced three new VivoBook laptops at their press conference. The Vivobook S13, S14 and S15 are VivoBook laptops with 13, 14 and 15 inch displays respectively. Asus has not seen such a color variation on any model of laptop before, but in their VivoBook laptop series, you have the option to choose the color of your choice. This will allow you to buy the VivoBook in the color of your choice according to your style and taste.

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