ASUS, one of the distributors of Nvidia's new Super Series graphics cards, is bringing RTX series graphics cards to Bangladesh. The new super cards will be launched in the country by Global Brands Pvt. Ltd., the distributor of Asus Bangladesh.
Asus ROG, TURBO and DUAL 4 cards of these 3 series are going to come in the market of Bangladesh. The models of the cards are ROG-STRIX-RTX2080S-O8G-GAMING, ROG-STRIX-RTX2060S-8G-GAMING, TURBO-RTX2070S-8G-EVO and DUAL-RTX2060S-8G-EVO. Here S means the super edition of the cards.

Made by Nvidia's Turing Architecture, these RTX-2000 series cards are widely known for their Ray Tracing features. The new Super Lineup cards are able to give about 25 percent more performance than the previous version.
The highest of the above 4 models is the STRIX RTX2080S 8G Gaming Graphics Card. The premium feature card with 3062 CUDA Core and 8GB GDDR6 memory capacity is the fastest and most efficient in Nvidia's Turing Architechture. Any game or graphical work can be done easily with this card.

On the other hand, one of the budget cards in this series is ROG STRIX RTX2060S 8G Gaming. Compared to the previous version of this graphics card, it has increased CUDA Core and memory to 216 and 8 GB respectively. The previous version of this mid-range card is widely known to gamers, and the current version is able to offer the same performance as the previous RTX 2070.

The STRIX series with about 2.6 slots has been given maximum cooling facility and premium components have been used. This STRIX series has an Axial-Tech fan which is capable of giving maximum cooling to the GPU at 0 decibel sound.

On the other hand, the TURBO-RTX2070S-8G-EVO card is going to come by 2060. The blower type card with a fan is much more powerful than the previous version. With 2560 CUDA Core and 8 GB GDDR6 memory, this card is always ready for gaming and VR facilities.

Finally there is the DUAL-RTX2060S-8G-EVO. This dual fan card also uses Axial-tech fan like Asus ROG STRIX series. All the features inside this graphics card are the same as ROG STRIX 2060 Super. However, there are differences in some input ports and power output. The card is a card with two and a half slots.

All graphics cards will be available this weekend at Global Brands Pvt Ltd and Asus's Authorized Dealer House. Keep an eye out for details from Global Brands Pvt. Ltd.

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