A new feature called Shops has been added to Facebook. This feature will turn Facebook and Instagram pages into digital stores. According to Facebook, the main goal of this feature is to help small businesses grow.

In a recent live video, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the feature. This will basically add online shops to the pages and profiles, from where customers will be able to see and buy the products of their choice.

If you want a business, you can add support to bring it to Facebook completely through this feature. The Shops feature will also have third party support like Shopify, Big-Commerce, popular WordPress eCommerce. There is also the benefit of implementing a customer loyalty program.

According to Facebook, setting up a Facebook shop is much easier and free than setting up a store. Businesses can add any product they want to the Facebook Shop. Cover photos and shop colors can also be selected to match the accent of the organization.

In other words, every business, whether small or large, can deliver their products to the customers through Facebook Shop.

The shopping feature is also coming to Instagram, the shopping tab will be added to the app in a few days. With this feature, Facebook's future plans are to bring WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct apps under one roof and provide an e-commerce place for businesses.

Facebook has added this feature as part of its support for small businesses that are struggling to survive the ongoing lockdown for Kavid-19.

During that livestream, Mark Zuckerberg said the feature would help such stores keep their revenue stream uninterrupted and give them the courage and strength to reopen their stores after the lockdown. A Facebook survey found that one-third of small businesses will not be able to reopen after a lockdown due to a lack of revenue. Also more than half of businesses said they would fail to re-employ their previous employees.

With the ongoing lockdown due to Kavid-19, the Shops feature will once again open up avenues for small businesses. The feature may not be able to fully mobilize the economy, but it will alleviate some of the economic losses of businesses.
Facebook has tried to build an e-commerce platform before, Mark Zuckerberg admitted during a live stream. All users will get the shops feature in a few days.

There is no end to Facebook's efforts to bring people online. They have many projects including Free Basics, Free Messenger, Zero Facebook to get people used to using the internet. Following this, Facebook published their new initiative Discover.

You might be wondering why Discover Again to have Free Basics! Yes, at first the question came to my mind. Free Basics app and some websites can be visited for free by Facebook on the site. But with Facebook's new Discover app, you can visit any website using a certain amount of mobile data.

There is nothing to be too excited about right now. Because Facebook may not show any pictures or videos on the sites you visit in the Discover app. Basically any website can be visited using a limited amount of data from this Discover app and Discover website in agreement with the respective mobile operator.

However, the amount of this data and the content of the website, that is, only the text can be seen or the picture can be seen, it will be decided by the mobile operator and Facebook discussion.

This means that if you use the Discover app, maybe 10 or 20 megabytes of data will be available. Using this data you will most likely be able to browse text versions or light versions of websites.

Using it you can get all the necessary information like emergency news or weather information. And there are free basics for using Facebook for free.

The Discover app is currently only available in Peru, meaning it has not yet arrived in all countries. Maybe at some point in the future, Facebook will launch Discover in Bangladesh. If you want to use the Discover app sitting in Bangladesh, you have to wait for that day.

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