The app lock feature is finally coming to Facebook Messenger. All users will be able to use this feature with an update. Adding this feature has increased the privacy of Messenger messages.

If you turn on this new app lock feature of Messenger, you will need fingerprint or face ID verification to access Messenger from now on.

The feature is currently running on iOS. In a few days, you will also see the app lock of Android's messenger.

There are also some new privacy control features to be added to Facebook Messenger.

Facebook is going to add new privacy controls so that the user has control over who can send messages in Messenger.

The app will soon have some new experimental settings, such as who can message or call you directly, who can go to the message request folder, or who can't message or call at all.

“People are always demanding more control over their inbox and calls. To this end we took a similar action on Instagram. We will provide more information when we start these control tests, ”said Facebook.

Bonus: Facebook has introduced the facility to make group video calls of 50 people on Messenger

Facebook also said that these new features are going to be a lot like Instagram's features. Facebook is also going to run a new test, so that a picture sent by a stranger gets blurred and comes to your inbox. Because this type of image is often spam.

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