Currently popular video calling zoom app. Despite various complaints about customer safety, the video conferencing app has continued its service at its own pace, overcoming all controversies.

This time 5 new features have come to make zoom meeting more fun and easy. These features can be found in the latest 5.2 version of Zoom.

Filters: Users will see some filters when zooming in on video calls with friends. There are black and white filters with different color video filters. Laughter can also be made using unicorn horns, eye patches or other stickers.

React Button: There will also be a Reaction Button, which can be used to give smiles, celebrations and heart reactions.

Low Lighting: Many times we have to do video conferencing in low light. In this case, the new touch-up of Zoom will maintain the light balance in the video. In the video chat you will get the option to control the brightness of the panel and increase the smoothness of the skin.

Noise Reduction: Again, the different background sounds during video conferencing make users very uncomfortable. In this case, the new Noise Reduction feature of Zoom will prevent the users from any kind of distraction.

Background Changes: When you share your PowerPoint or key-note presentation in a virtual background during an official conference, you can show the slides in WeatherCaster style.

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