This is the first time in two decades that the United States and the EU have agreed to reduce tariffs. Earlier, Trump threatened the EU that if the EU did not abolish tariffs on lobsters, it would impose higher tariffs on European cars. Even in June, Trump ordered assistance to U.S. lobster traders, whose exports suffered somewhat due to the deterioration of business relations.In the last few years, there have been disputes between the United States and Europe over various trade issues. The United States imposed additional tariffs on airplane 6.5 billion worth of goods imported from Europe in October last year, alleging that the EU was illegally subsidizing French aircraft maker Airbus. In 2016, Trump imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the EU. The two sides also have a dispute over the European tax on tech giants.
In 2016, the United States exported  111 million worth of lobster to the EU. Most of that shipment came from the state of Maine. The state is a political battleground for Republicans and Democrats.

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