Antivirus or antimalware programs are not new to Windows operating system users. If your computer is powered by Windows 10 or any other version of Windows such as Windows 7 or Windows 7, it includes Microsoft's own free antivirus or antimalware program, Windows Defender.

Updating Windows Defender regularly will keep your computer safe from most viruses or malicious software. You can also use another third party antivirus software for added security. Before that, let us know what are the features of antivirus.

Looking for the best antivirus software for Windows should be done so that it protects the PC, uses moderate system resources, is easy to use and does not need to be annoying. In this post we will get acquainted with some of the best antivirus for Windows. First of all, the features that a standard antivirus software should have are discussed below.

Efficacy: Antivirus detects known viruses and malware (ie malicious programs), and can provide round-the-clock protection. They even protect your computer by detecting malicious websites and suspicious links.

Antivirus software can provide protection against malicious programs and monitor unwanted behavior. Antivirus also detects new and undetected viruses and malware. Therefore, choose an antivirus software that will provide those benefits without the promise of false security.

Moderate use of system resources: You will definitely want an antivirus that will not run out of resources on your PC. If after installing the antivirus the website takes longer to open, takes longer than expected to copy the file, you should look for alternative programs.

Price: If you buy with money that antivirus software will give you proper protection and free software is of no use, it is a completely wrong idea. Each of our list of antiviruses is free to use, but effective enough. If you have taken the help of this post to install antivirus on personal computer, you can rest assured using any one of the antivirus software in the list.

Privacy: Monitoring all running processes of the computer is the work of an effective antivirus software. However, it is important to make sure that the software used by the software is being transferred to another company behind the security system running on the computer. That's why it's important to read antivirus reviews.

Let's take a look at the top 5 free antivirus software of today, from which you can choose any one.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast is a very well known name in the world of antivirus. It has been introduced as the best antivirus software in various testing labs. Cybercapture is one of the main features of Avast Antivirus, which scans new files before running them on the PC. Avast Free Antivirus also has many more features including Network Security Inspector, Password Manager. In addition, Avast Antivirus provides URL protection in all browsers. However, the privacy settings of Avast may seem a bit difficult to you, and the links to its paid components may not look good.

Bit Defender Free Antivirus
Bit Defender is widely popular as a free antivirus. The free version of BitDefender Antivirus includes the same core antivirus technology as Commercial BitDefender Antivirus. That means the highest level of protection will be available for free. BitDefender is also tested for protection against phishing sites and malicious URLs. Easy to configure BitDefender for general users. However, if you are an advanced user, you may want more control which is not currently available in BitDefender.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus
Many websites have named Kaspersky Free Antivirus as the best free antivirus. But we put it in third place, considering both the pros and cons. Kaspersky Antivirus provides free full-scale malware protection. There are also many benefits including real-time scanning, anti-phishing, email scanning, spyware protection. It may seem like a very basic level antivirus to you, but it is enough for personal use. Its user interface is extremely simple and its ability to catch viruses is remarkable.

AVG Antivirus
AVG Antivirus is basically made by the same antivirus protection engine as Avast Antivirus. However, the bonus features that Avast has are not in AVG Antivirus. AVG Antivirus can provide basic features like virus protection, system optimization tools, malware scanners, etc., as well as a fair level of anti-phishing protection.

Avira Free Antivirus
Avira is a household name in the world of antivirus software. It can detect and block any type of malware from the computer. Other Avira product install benefits can also be found in the software. Avira Antivi

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