OnePlus joined the mid-range battle with the Nord smartphone this year, and that model isn't yet available in the United States - and it looks like we know why now.

According to a new rumor, the company is preparing another handset for launch in the States with Nord branding and it will be a bit different. Join the OnePlus Nord N10 5G. We don't have any leaked images of it yet (what you can see below is Nord), but some specs have been released today.

Unlike the international Nord, which has a Snapdragon 765 SC in the helm, the Nord N10 5G is going to be powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 690 chipset, which will be the 6-Series offer with Qualcomm's first 5-Series (and we assume that means cheaper than the 765). Will be). The base model will have 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

The Nord N10 will have the same 90HD + screen as the Nord, with a slightly different size: 6.49 ". For the 4MP unit it replaces the 48MP main rear camera. Two MP" auxiliary sensors "(don't call them" useless "). .

The OnePlus Nord N10 5G has moved to the US, priced below 400

OnePlus 8's new phone is expected to launch soon, a rumor that will see the light of day in late September or early October. The Nord N10 will sell for under 400 400. OnePlus is also preparing an entry-level model for its ever-expanding lineup, a handset that will go for around 200 200. This should come after one year.

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