everyone realme is one of the kings ofthe mid-range and budget part of the marketthey seem to launch phones faster thanwe can review them now they launched the real me 7 and the real me 7 pro these phones have quite a few up grades from the last generation but they've also included a few

questionable changesso what are the key differences betweenthese two phones i'm angie for gsm arenaand these are the key features of therealme 7 and the realme 7 proboth phones have new paint jobs withmostly matte backsthe 7 pro comes in the mirror blue andmirror silver variantswhile the 7 comes in mist blue and mistwhite you'll notice a slightly widercamera setup on the back of the pro butotherwise the two look almost identicalthe back panels provide a more securegrip in comparison to the 6 seriesand they're less prone to fingerprintsyou will notice that the realme 7is a little heavier at 192 grams in theproat 182 but perhaps that's due to thelarger batterythe real me 7 pro is the only one thathas stereo speakers but both have 3.5millimeter headphone jacksboth phones have small punch holes inthe upper left cornersbut the real me 7 pro has a 6.4 inchsuper amoledwith a regular 60hz refresh rate whilethe realme 7 has an ips lcd with a 90hzrefresh ratethat's a bit of a surprising trade-offand an odd choice by realmethis also means that the 7 pro has anunder display fingerprint readerwhile the 7 has a side mounted one inaddition the 7 pro has gorilla glass 3plus protectionwhich while better than the gorillaglass 3 on the real me 7is a downgrade from the real me 6 prosgorilla glass 5.the real me 7 pro sports a snapdragon720 gwhile the real me 7 has a mediatek heliog95for the most part the two seem evenlymatched and will probably be great onday-to-day tasksthat said the snapdragon is supposed tobe a little more power efficientthe differences in screen and chips atchoice probably also contribute to thedifference in battery sizethere's a 4 500 milliamp hour battery onthe pro and a 5000 on the non prothey both use super dart charging andthe real me 7 pro is supposed to getfrom flat to 100in a lightning fast 34 minutes the realm7is slower but is certainly no slouch andshould get from zero to 165.when it comes to software though bothhave realme ui on top of android 10.this version of the ui looks a lotcloser to stock android than previousiterations and there's a lot lessbloatware this time aroundin asian markets both phones have a 64megapixel main sensor with an f 1.8aperturean 8 megapixel ultra wide a 2 megapixelmacro camand a 2 megapixel depth sensorthe selfie cameras on the other hand aredifferent the real me 7 has a 16megapixel front camera while the 7 prohas a 32 megapixel main camera thatcomes with eis and a panorama modethese two phones are as similar as theyare differentbut maybe the realme 7 pro has enoughfeatures to justify that bump up inpricethat said amoled but only 60 hertz andfaster charging but smaller batteryi don't know one thing's for sure thoughboth phones are going to shake up themid-range part of the marketin classic real me style as for which ismore worth itwell that we're gonna find out in thefull review thanks for watching everyonestay safe and i'll see you guys nex  timeyou

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