amd's ryzen 4000 desktop cpus are    looking    really fast let's talk about it before    that    make sure to subscribe and click the    bell icon so you never miss another    video    so recently some confidential internal    amd documents were leaked by a twitter    user who goes by the name of cyberpunk    cat and if we go ahead and take a look    at these leaked documents    they actually give us a whole lot of    information and confirm a lot of    information we already knew    about the ryzen 4000 desktop processors    that will be coming out very very soon    so taking a look at this first document    here we can see a lot of details about    the zen 3 micro architecture that can be    found inside of the ryzen 4 000 desktop    chips and more specifically    the ccd and ccx design so it looks like    the top end models will have up to two    ccds potentially    and they will have one ccx in each ccd    so what this means is that instead of    having two ccx's that are quad cores    they will now be shifting to a design    that has one    eight core ccx which should in theory    eliminate a lot of the latency    in lightly threaded loads so the big    problem with the original zen2 design is    the fact that there are two quad-core    ccx's and this is a problem because    if a program needs to go ahead and grab    some information    off of the cache in the other quad-core    ccx    or if it needs to use more than four    cores well unfortunately it's going to    have to go across the infinity fabric to    get to that other ccx and going across    the infinity fabric unfortunately    causes more latency to occur so the big    problem with that is that    unfortunately that means that the gaming    performance of the    ryzen chips just wasn't quite as good as    what intel    had on offer now this time around if    they're able to eliminate a lot of that    latency by shifting over to the 8 core    ccx    well most games you only use 8 cores so    they'll be fine using the full    32 megabytes of cash that should be    available in that eight core ccx and    speaking of cache let's go ahead and    move on to the next document where they    talk about cache and memory design so    taking a look here it seems as though    each ccx should have up to four    megabytes of l2 cache    and up to 32 megabytes of l3 cache so    previously again    where they had 32 megabytes of cache    unfortunately is pretty much split into    16 megabytes for each ccx    well now they get access to the full 32    megabytes which should help with gaming    scenarios    quite a bit now moving on to the memory    section here we can see that they have    two memory controllers that can take up    to four dimms in dual channel    and it will natively support up to 3200    megahertz though of course you can    always overclock    and there will be ecc support and now    finally in terms of pcie lanes here we    have the exact same 24 lanes you get 16    for graphics    you get four for like pcie devices such    as a m.2 drive    and then you have four going to the i o    now in terms of clock speed we don't    know    quite yet how well these zen 3    processors are going to clock however    several leaks have suggested that the    clock speeds will be going up slightly    and my guess is that you'll see at least    a 100 megahertz jump    now is that 100 megahertz over the xt    models or the x models    that's something we don't quite know for    sure yet and it could be possible to    even see their top top chip    just barely touch five gigahertz because    you know what five gigahertz is a huge    marketing thing and i could definitely    see them shooting for that so    it might actually happen this time    around but i wouldn't expect to see like    a    huge jump in clock speed so don't expect    any miracles there and it's not going to    give you a ton of performance    all that performance is going to come    from the redesign of the micro    architecture    such as moving to the 8 core ccx now in    terms of core count i can pretty    confidently tell you that they're going    to have their top model being 16 cores    on the am4 socket once again    now let's talk about performance and    here i have an even newer leak from the    website    seeking alpha where they grabbed a quote    from the amd senior vice president    forest norad where he said    quote and zen 3 that's at the heart of    our next generation products is also a    tremendously powerful architecture and    you know    right on the trajectory that we needed    to be on    now when he says tremendously powerful    we don't know exactly what he means but    it you know according to other leaks    that i've seen in the past i think what    we'll probably see in terms of ipc    from all the architectural improvements    that they've made as well as a slight    clock speed bump    is somewhere around 15 to 20 percent uh    performance per clock so to back that up    i found another leak that    recently came out of hardware lux where    they supposedly got some slides from amd    and they stated quote the slides also    list some performance values    those speak of an ipc performance    increase of plus 15 percent for integer    workloads    for epic processors with up to 32 cores    amd wants to achieve a performance plus    of    20 compared to the rom processors with    the zen ii cores    the single threaded performance should    also increase by    plus 20 percent so yeah these ryzen 4000    zen 3 based processors for the desktop    are looking really really fast and that    15 to 20    performance increase i was talking about    well that was in reference to these    epic processors i believe so something    on the desktop    is probably going to get closer to that    20 percent we don't know for sure but    that's    probably more likely because some of    that performance increase    is probably coming from the fact that    they're going to get slightly higher    clock speeds and we know with these    32 and 64 core processors from amd they    have a harder time hanging on to those    higher clock speeds    whereas on the desktop if you can push    it just a little bit further and you can    continue to give it more power    well you'll probably be able to get some    more that benefit from the higher clock    speeds    as they won't be dropping in clocks over    time quite as much so yeah i'm really    excited to see these processors and    we're getting really close to a release    date in fact they're going to be    announced on october 8th which is    not too far away at all and i can't wait    to stream it on that day i definitely    will be there so stay tuned stay    subscribed so that you can watch my live    stream when that happens    i'll definitely be trying to get my    hands on one of these processors so i    can overclock it on my    x570 board i'll try and get you know    maybe a new motherboard as well do some    sort of stuff with that but either way    i'll definitely do all kinds of    overclocking content    and i'm really excited to see what the    zen3 micro architecture    has on offer and if they can finally    dethrone intel and gaming performance    because you know what    i think they can you know with the 20    increase in performance i think    intel's 10th generation right now is    only like 10 percent faster    in terms of gaming overall uh looking at    um hardware and box numbers i think it    was somewhere around there maybe a    little bit off by a few percentage    points but i believe that's somewhere    around where it was    and so if amd can get a 20 jump and they    can you know get their latency down    well that means the amd for at least for    a short period of time will have the    fastest gaming processor on the market    so i can't wait to get my hands on one    and it will be a    historic moment in pc gaming but hey    that's just what i think what do you    think about these ryzen 4000 processors    are you going to be getting one    or are you just going to wait for maybe    ddr5 i'd love to see what you have to    say in the comments below    and of course i'll see you in the next    video if you made it to the end of the    video    be sure to drop a like every time you do    so    nvidia and intel drop prices    also if you want to see more click here    you won't be disappointed      

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