Most of us use Windows computers. But one of the features of Windows is that it slows down over time. However, if you want, you can easily increase the speed of Windows PC by adopting some strategies. Let's take a look at some such tips.

1. Delete temp,% temp%, prefetch and recent files from computer run options. When deleting, the user may ask for permission. Many temporary files or junk functions are created while working on the computer and stored in the mentioned folders. Which reduces the efficiency of our computer. So you can speed up your computer by deleting these files regularly.

2. You can set up a new operating system. Prolonged use of the same operating system can often slow down your computer due to viruses or crashing files. In that case, if we set up a new operating system, the speed of our computer can be increased.

3. Dirt, dust and sand often accumulate on the motherboard. This is terrible for our computer and reduces the speed by 50-60%! So the motherboard should be kept clean regularly. CPU's cooling fan, power supply should be cleaned regularly.

However, one should be careful while cleaning the laptop's motherboard. It is better if you clean it at the service center.

4. The speed largely depends on the computer's RAM, motherboard and bus speed. So you can increase the speed by updating the RAM and processor if you want. However, in this case, only the RAM or just the processor should not be changed. This can cause problems with the motherboard. When updating RAM or processor, compile it with the motherboard and keep an eye on it.

5. Many times the combination of software and hardware is not right because the PC becomes slow. For example, if you open Android Studio, you will not be able to do any other work on the computer with 4 GB RAM. Again, if the RAM is less than this, then the virtual emulator can not run. In this case, you can increase the computer speed by balancing the combination of software with the configuration.

6. Many times the speed of the computer can be reduced due to not updating the software. As before, maybe a web site was just designed with a table that has now been updated to JavaScript. Now if your browser is old then this web site will take time to load. In the same way other software plays a role in reducing / increasing the speed of the computer.

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