Indigenous ERP software is helping the garment industry, which is at risk in the Corona situation in the country, to turn around. Corona situation When many companies are facing the risk of loss due to cancellation of purchase orders, the best support has been given by the local software maker Pridesis.

Garments ERP software 'Pridesis ERP' made by Pridesis, a software maker in Bangladesh, has now become a symbol of reliance on many companies.

The company is working to provide full ERP software services in the garment sector as well as cutting management, production planning, cutting edge various technology and software services. Pridesis has also introduced new services at public and private levels including AI, BigData, Machine Learning, Analytics, Digital Marketing.

Monwar Iqbal, Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Pridesis IT, said, “From the beginning, our goal was to create quality software products and services. Gaining confidence in domestic software by reducing dependence on foreign software and exporting Bangladeshi software outside the country. Pride has shown their effectiveness in the Covid-19 situation.

Monwar Iqbal said that Pridesis gives more importance to research and development. It is not possible to survive in a competitive market if the product is not perfect or durable. This is their motto. So they prepare the product 100% and release it in the market by ensuring customer service. Everyone has seen the country’s software capabilities in the coveted situation. His company wants to go further in new technology and software services including e-governance.

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