hey what's up guys will here for gsmarena the brand new android 11 has just come out for select

devices the pixel phones so what's new let's check out android 11's key new features as we've come to expect by now the new version of android is rolling out first on google's pixel phones the beta is available across some other devices but the stable version is pixel only for now so what's changed well for starters android 11 ui should be even more fluid and responsive thanks to some fine tuning and

optimization behind the scenes some of the most visible changes you'll find in the ui have to do with messaging rather than being thrown together with the rest of your notifications alerts from messaging apps now have a dedicated space called conversations which makes it easier to see them at a glance plus there's now system-wide support for floating bubbles for your chat conversations sort of like chat heads from facebook's messenger app so no matter which service you use to communicate with multitasking is a breeze and you'll be able to express yourself in all kinds of new ways thanks to new emojis android 11 supports the new emoji 13.0 set which includes things like man in tuxedo

and beaveranother handy new feature is screen recording regardless of which manufacturer's ui you're using you'll find a quick toggle which will let you capture what's going on the fly plus media playback has seen some refinements on android 11. it's much cleaner especially when you have multiple things open at the sametime playback controls are now located above

notifications and rather than having a separate panel for each media app there's a carousel that you can swipe through here you can also easily change the output device as well to choose which connected device is the active ones peaking of external devices some people use their phones to control a lot of

things around the house with android 11 long pressing the power button now opens a dedicated space for smart connections

smart connections in some ways it's quite convenient though if you don't use smart devices it's another thing to get through when turning off your  phone some of android 11's new features have

to do with what's currently trending in the smartphone world like 5g android 11 brings more tools for

developers to take better advantage of those faster network speeds and lower latency

another hot feature these days is a high   refresh rate display    and android 11 helps with that by    supporting variable refresh rates    individual apps and games can set a   preferred frame rate  which the os will adjust to in order to    save energy    there's more support now for displays    with extremely curved edges too    with android 11 apps can make better use    of the screen real estate around and on    the edges    and foldable devices get some love with    the ability to track the hinge angle to    enable extra app features and display    modes    android 11 also includes quite a few    changes as to how privacy is handled on    your device    these include one-time permissions you    can choose to grant an app access just    once    which is useful if you don't use that    app very often    and if you haven't used an app for a    long period of time its permissions will    auto reset    so you won't have an app you've    forgotten about enjoying permissions you    gave it back in the day    location information now requires    multiple levels of permission too    so apps in the background won't access    or track your location unless you want    them to    and now there's something called scope    storage basically each app now has a    separate folder for its data    rather than using a shared one this    limits the access that an app has to    potentially private storage space    in addition you can now pin apps inside    the share menu    this way the apps you frequently share    files to are always there    and not overrun by unrelated items and    finally google has expanded the number    of updatable modules within google play    this means that you'll get more security    and privacy related updates through the    play store    so there you have it guys android 11    isn't really a drastic change coming    from android 10. the most    obvious benefits come from the message    bubble support and the conversation    space    the rest of the things are nice to have    though adding better security    connectivity and enabling developers to    take advantage of new smartphone tech    it will take some time for most of us to    get our hands on android 11 though    it's only on pixels for now and even    people with android one phones will have    to wait a while    so what do you guys think of android's    new features let us know down below and  i'll see you on the next one you    

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