hey guys this is the page from pcworldbd and this right hereis the new asus zenbook flip s and thiswell thisis a super cool laptop now i know whatyou're thinking you're thinking thisis a well it's a convertible so i'msaying it's a super cool laptop butthat's not really the case actually thezenbook flip sis a super cool laptop because it bringsthe cutting edge and there are twoaspects to that the 4koled display and the latest 11 genintel cpus so yeah there's a lot to talkabout and i'll suggest you to stick tothe end because there's a lot of coolthings to talk about in this laptoplet's begin okay so i'm going to startwith the design becauseit's the zenbook flip s and theconvertible two in one design is one ofthe big factors in this laptopanyway first up it's pretty clear thatthis new zenbook flip sis a premium looking and premium feedinglaptop it has a typical asus high-enddesign with the concentric circle designon the lidthe cool jade black finish and thediamond cut red copper highlightsall around and i think it looksfantastic another good thing about thezenbook flip sis the really compact design just lookat how small this laptop actually isit's a great form factor and it's superportable which is very important in aversatile laptop like this onebecause it's very sleek it's uh it has athickness of around 13 millimetersand it just weighs around 1.2 kgs whichis awesome reallynow let me just open up the lid and showyou the display which ishonestly one of my favorite things aboutthis laptopokay so just look at this this is a 13.3inch 4koled touchscreen and trust me it'sbeautifulthis is a screen that looks amazing andi've been going gaga over itever since i turned it on it's a 16-10display that's slightly tallerand i think that helps too in day-to-daytasks anyway coming to the displayquality the display here is super crisplooks amazing especially when there'sblacks on the displayand things like brightness and viewingangles are very goodplus what i really like is that thedisplay is very color accurate with awide 100 dci p3 color gamutwhich is important for all the use casesthe zenbook flippers can be used foryou know what that brings me to theconvertible design of this laptop andthe zenbook flip scomes with what aces calls the 360degree air gold lift hinge designand as the name suggests you canactually go ahead and flip the laptop360 degrees like thisand i like the hinge it seems very solidand reliable because there's no flexso that's nice now this design means youcan use this laptop in three modes theusual laptop mode which is great ifyou're working and you need the keyboardthe touchpad etc pretty standardthe second mode you can actually usethis laptop in is the tablet mode so youcan just flip the laptop like thisand you get this beautiful display inthe tablet mode now you can use it likethis or you can use it like this eitherways it just worksplus the 4k display here is atouchscreen like i said and it's veryresponsiveso using the laptop in tablet mode is apleasure there's also windows ink andsupport for the new asus pen activestyluswhich we did not get in the review unitbut ases will probably bundle in the boxalthough they'll confirm that during theindia lot so anyway you'll be able tojust install the windows whiteboard appand draw things or jot down notes or youknow just get creativenow third mode is kind of fun the tentmode which is something i think collegestudents will find very handyi mean you can just set up the flip slike this and enjoy your moviesand shows pretty easily i mean hdrcontent on this 4k panel looksbeautiful and that's honestly prettyawesome as for the speakers they're dualspeakers here that are harman kardoncertified and they aren't very loud butthe clarityis pretty good so the design and displaylook great on the zenbook flippers butthe specsare really interesting here so thezenbook flip s comes with the new11 gen intel tiger lake core i7processorwith the new intel iris xe graphicsalong with fast pci 3 gen 4 ssdslpddr4x ram and wi-fi 6 support theseare sometop of the line specs now the new tigerlake chipset is obviously the highlighthere but at the time of shooting thisvideoa lot of details are known and honestlyi really want to know how the new intelchipsets compare against the competitionanyway as far as i know the newinterchanges will be based on the new 10nanometer architecturethey'll have faster clock speeds whilebeing more power efficient and they'llhave better graphicsdon't worry i'll leave a link to all ofthe details about the intel cpu as weknowoverall i think the cutting edge intelchipset should make the zenbook flip asa capable machine i mean i generallydon't use my laptop for a lot ofintensive tasks and i've only had theflippers for a couple of daysbut i did try photoshop and it was supersmooth so yeah i amvery positive around the performance nowthanks to the latest intel chipsetonboard there's also the new superfastthunderbolt 4 usbc portswhich are also used for charging apartfrom that there's also the hdmi port andon the left you get the power button anda usb a portthere's no headphone jack here but asuswill be bundling a high quality donglein the box so there's that anyway i alsolike the whole keyboard and touchpadexperience herethis is an h2h keyboard here and thetyping experience is something i like onthe laptop and that's because the layoutis good enoughand the keys have a decent 1.4millimeters travel these keys are alsobacklit so that's coveredthe touchpad seems pretty good too itsupports windows precision drivers andit's fairly responsive and fluidplus since this is asus number pad 2.0you can just enable this to get all thenumbers and then use it anywhere withthe calculator app oranywhere else lastly when it comes tothe battery the zenbook flip s comeswith a 67 wattage battery with a 65 wattusb pd charger in the boxnow previous zenbook flips have beencriticized for their average batteryperformance but i don't think that'sgoing to be the case with the newzenbookflip s because obviously there's the newintel chipsets which are supposed to bemore power efficientthere's the oled display and asus isclaiming up to15 hours of battery life on this laptopso all of that sounds really promisingwell as for the charging the 65 wattcharger takes the laptop around 60in just 15 minutes so that's fast wellto conclude things the new asus zenbookflip sis a laptop that i thoroughly enjoyedusing and that's becauseevery aspect of this laptop brings kindof something newsee the design here is fantastic withthe laptop being super portable whilefeaturing the convertible designthe oled 4k display is just amazing tolook atthe battery life seems very promisingand the new 11 gen intel cpu means thatit's going to have the latestcutting-edge performanceso yeah i'm excited about the zenbookflip s butyeah at the time of shooting this videowe don't know the price and honestlyi want to know more about the new intelchipset so let's wait for thatanyway i'd love to know your opinion onthe new zen book flip s and obviouslythe new intel cpus tell us your thoughtsin the comment section belowalso give this video a thumbs up if youenjoyed it and make sure to share itwith your friendslastly subscribe to our channel for moreamazing tech videoswell that's me signing off thanks forwatching and i will see you in the nextone

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