Nvidia's chief executive said Arm's partners are keen to use the network to license its GPU technology - and one day it could be on your smartphone.

Calling a conference on Monday morning, Nvidia chief executive Jensen Huang said he wanted to use Arm Relations as a distribution channel to license a wide set of Nvidia technologies, including graphics. "The first thing we've got to do with ARM's huge network is our GPU and our accelerated computing architecture," Huang told a news conference on Sunday evening.

Nvidia said on Sunday that they had agreed to acquire Arm for ও 40 billion in cash and stock, a deal that still needs to pass regulatory approval. Huang described the deal as complementary, as the arm technology would be used to push Nvidia's AI efforts and its data center. But Nvidia's role as a GPU supplier and Arm's dominance in the smartphone industry means regulators could take a hard look at the proposed deal.

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Nvidia, however, may have bought the Arm smartphone more than the CPU core; It can also improve the relationship.

"I want to take Nvidia's technology and offer it to all companies made with Arm," Huang said.

Huang added, "SOCs [on-chips in the system] don't really have the benefits of the amazing GPUs we make, and Nvidia is well-known around the world for the power and efficiency of our GPUs," Huang added.

But what is GPU? Huang did not say, and it is not clear whether the Jeffers brand will come to smartphones if the deal is passed. Huang talked about the breadth of Mali's roots existing in Arm CPUs and hinted that Nvidia could blend its GPU technology. It looks like Nvidia will also be interested in designing its GPU cores into data center chips even though the company’s hardware already has a solid foothold.

What the deal implies next is that if Nvidia starts building GPU technology through the arm's distribution channel, it will probably end up as part of the arm's core. And since the ARM dominates the smartphone market, it is very likely that the future Mali logic block among the ARM's Cortex CPU cores will be powered by Nvidia. How will that happen? Huang said he thinks the Nvidia-Arm deal could take a year or more to close, and that the two companies would operate independently, according to the law. Design work can only be started once the acquisition is complete.

So ... eighteen months? Three years? Who knows. But one thing is for sure: Huang wants to start selling Nvidia GPUs for more than your PC. Your next (next-next?) Smartphone is probably a potential target.

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