so this bad boy here is the samsung  galaxy s20    fan edition it's a fresh new version of    the s20 flagship that's not quite as    good    but it's also a bit cheaper and who    doesn't like saving money samsung    designed the fan edition using direct   feedback from    galaxy users while also streaming out    some of the super premium features from    the s20    in order to reach more accessible asking    price although it still definitely   couldn't ever be described as   affordable because the galaxy s20 fun    edition starts from 599 quid   for the 4g version and 699 pounds for    the 5g model the fan edition goes on    sale from the 2nd of october here in    blighty and you'll get a free gift if   you pre-order or buy it before the 27th   of october   namely 3 months of xbox game pass    ultimate and the morga xp5x plus    controller    or a galaxy fit 2 fitness tracker    whichever you prefer now i've had my  mitts  .

all over the galaxy s20 fun edition    ahead of the official launch so here's    my early hands-on review how it stacks    up for the specs and everything and also   how it compares    with the original regular ready salted   s20 flagship phone and for more than   latest greatest tech please do poke    subscribe    and hitting that notifications bell   cheers now the first element of the    design that really strikes you is the   rather stunning range of colors    because the galaxy s20 fan edition comes    in a selection of very bright finishes    indeed  

  you've got a choice of red lavender mint   and orange   and also white and a very dark navy as    well if you don't want to dazzle    everyone as you're strutting down the    street    personally though i really love those    super bright poppy colors if only    because they momentarily distract you    from how absolutely awful   everything is right now    gotta say i really like that bright bold    red finish and i'm also a fan    of the mint and the orange effort as    well they're a bit more subtle    not quite as punchy but definitely if    you want a better color they're the ones    to go for as far as the construction    goes the samsung galaxy s20 fun edition    sports a series 7000 aluminium frame    while up front you've got a gorilla    glass 3 corton    but there is no gorilla action on the    arse end unlike the regular s20  .

  what you get here instead is a glastic    finish as samsung terms it    which is basically a fusion of glass and    plastic it's the same stuff they use for    the likes of the galaxy a51 and a71    mid-range smartphones    the mat surfacing does at least mean    that fingerprint smears aren't a problem    even after you've scuffed the most    delectable of deep fried goodies from    that slightly dodgy food van parked    outside the local disco    you may not have the latest toughest    nails gorilla glass caught in front and  

 back but at least   the galaxy s20 fan edition is fully ip68    water and dust resistant so no change on    that front from the standard regular s20    flagship    on the software side of things not much    has changed there either you once again    get android 10 with the latest one ui    2.5    lovingly smushed on top adding a bugger    ton of bonus features    on top of google's os this does of    course come with the usual duplicate    samsung apps and of course alternatives    to    standard google features so for instance    you'll have samsung pay instead of    google pay but you do also get plenty of    great    stuff in there like samsung's knox    security suite to help keep your    privates very private    speaking of which the s20 fun edition    sticks once again with an in-screen    fingerprint sensor and that is once    again joined by some swift and accurate    fierce unlock action too you've got   samsung's very decent gaming mode you've    got plenty of one-handed help and all    kinds of other great bits chucked in    there but i won't bang on about it all    right here if you want a closer look at    the software smarts and go check out my    full one ui 2.5 tips and tricks guide    which is live right now 

   and there's no change on the storage    front here you once again have 128    gigabytes of ufs 3.0 storage so it's    reasonably nippy and that could be    expanded once again in a jiffy using a    micro sd memory card up to one terabyte    in size    let's have a shifty at that display and    here it's a 6.5 inch super amoled panel    so it's actually closer in size to the    s20 plus    rather than the regular flagship however    the fan edition uses a full hd plus   resolution 2400 by 1080    not full on quad hd plus like the    flagship s20s    but those visuals are still plenty crisp    when you're streaming a lovely bit of    video    or checking out your picks as usual    you've got full hdr support so you can    enjoy realistic colors and sharp    contrast on supported content    or alternatively just boost the colors    right up if you want to make everything    really pop    and apologies in advance if you're a    certified header of camera orifices    because the s20 fun edition once again    sports samsung's infinity or design with    a camera slapped    bang in the center of that panel as with    your regular s20 you've got a 120 hertz    refresh rate here on the fan edition 2    so scrolling through apps and websites    and the like    is a silky smooth beautiful experience    and at least here on the fun edition    you don't have to choose between that    

120 hertz refresh rate and the quad hd    plus resolution because there ain't no    quad hd and the s20 fe    also supports 240 hertz touch response    rate as well when you're playing    supported games    as for the audio where you once again    thankfully get a stereo speaker setup    here on the s20 fan edition popping out    some quite crisp    clear and quite powerful audio on that    top volume as well with full dolby atmos    support    on top and 20 new viewers well christ    i'm just    sorry for everything you're about to    

witness and although it's no real    surprise it is slightly annoying that    there is no headphone    jack but you do at least get full    bluetooth 5.1 support    now if you're a bit of a cheap ass and    you go for that 4g lte    version well the bad news is you will be    stuck with samsung's exodus 990 chipset    as    we were all cursed with here in the uk    in the standard s20    but if you actually stump up for that 5g    model then the great news is you will  

  actually get the snapdragon 865    just like our american cousins    hallelujah i am ready to drop to my    knees and    thank and praise the baby jesus and    whether you choose 4g or 5g you get 6    gigs of ddr5 ram stuffed inside there as    well so a bit down   

 from the 8 gigs in the standard s20 but    should still keep your ticking over    nicely where you're multitasking gaming    whatever you're up to    and if you throw the extra cash at    samsung for that 5g model well of course    unsurprisingly you get a 5g more than    packed in there as well because there    isn't a 5g modem built into the 865 chip    and the s20 fan edition supports sub    6 as well as millimeter wave 5g as well    so you're well and truly future-proofed    especially when you constantly got a bit    of wi-fi six-packed in there too    on the battery life front you've got a 4    500 milliamp cell which should deliver    all-day battery life as long as you get  

  the snapdragon 865 model    no worries and the fan edition supports    up to 25 watt    wired charging although unfortunately    you only get a 15 watt charger bundled    in the box    with this phone which is kind of a shame    considering how much cash you're   

 actually throwing at samsung to begin    with now you've also got support for    pretty nippy 15 watt wireless charging    if you've got yourself a wireless    charging pad    so let's finish up with a quick squint    of the fan editions camera tech and you    once again have a triple lens setup just    like those flagship phones but it's not    quite the same hardware here   

 what you get is a 12 megapixel primary    lens with optical image stabilization    built in    backed up by a 12 megapixel ultra wide    angle lens and    also a telephoto lens but this time it's    only an 8 megapixel effect    rather than the mighty 64 megapixel    telephoto lens on the vanilla s20 but    the good news is you do at least get a    three times optical    zoom and you've got optical image    stabilization built into that telephoto    lens too    and you can pinch in beyond the three    times level using samsung's spare zoom    feature which maxes out   

 at a 30 times hybrid zoom and yeah    things do get quite grainy once you hit    that 30 time zoom level but if you're a    bit more restrained the zoom chops are    pretty solid    now the camera ui on the fan edition is    very similar to the flagships but you    don't quite get all of the same features    and functionality    if you look beyond the auto mode you've    got the likes of the night modes and    using this the fan edition will shoot    between 14 to 30    images at different exposure levels and    then combine them for a more balanced   

 overall image    and the single take feature is back in    action first introduced of course on the    s20    and you could record between 3 to 15    seconds of video and then it will    produce a selection of stills and    different effects    you've also once again got live focus    for your photos and also your video    and on the video side you can shoot up    to 4k resolution footage at either 30    or 60 frames per second with full    support for likes of hdr    as well but there is no 8k option on the    fan edition i thought to be fair if    you've already bought yourself an ak tv    chances are you won't be looking at this    version of the s20 flagship phone you'll    already probably have an ultra and about    three pluses stuffed into every pocket    and last up housed in that    aforementioned infinity orifice is a 32    megapixel front-facing camera this    should be just as dependable as ever for    all of your instagram action and also    for  

  once again shooting up to 4k resolution    movies so that's what you can expect    from samsung's new galaxy s20 fan    edition smartphone as i said still not    very affordable    but at least it does trim down the price    of the s20 a little bit while    also cutting out some of the features    that most people probably wouldn't be    that bothered about like a quad hd plus    resolution and the crazy 64 megapixel    telephoto camera    of course it's also got very strong    competition from all kinds of great    mid-range smartphones many of which boss    5g support    for under 400 pounds these days so be    interesting to hear your own particular    thoughts are you tempted by the fan    edition    if not why not be greater here please do    slap that down in the comments below and    stay tuned hopefully for my full review    coming soon and please do poke subscribe    ding that notifications bell for more on    the latest greatest deck and have    yourselves a lovely rest of the week   cheers everyone love you     

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