hey what's up guys will here for gsmarena the poco x3 nfc is a mid-rangephone that promises a bunch of trendy featureslike a high refresh rate screen stereo speakers and quad cameras but for just 230 euros is it able to deliverlet's find out in our full review the poco x3's metallic textured patternand large poco logogive it a unique look you won't mistakefor another phonelike many mid-rangers its back is made from plastic though it does have analuminum frameit's strange that poco named this deviceafter nfc thoughas it boasts other arguably more impressive features like ip 53 splash resistance which ishard to find at this priceor a high refresh rate screen the display is a 6.67 inch ips lcd with a1080p resolutionand it brings a super fast 120hz refresh rate this means that ui elements and supported apps will appear much smootherto the eyelike when you're scrolling however theimplementation here isn't perfectthe pixel response time doesn't seem tobe as fast as the refresh rateso you'll notice some ghosting if you look closely this doesn't take away from the smooth ness though besides the refresh rate there's a superfast 240hz touch sampling rate toothis means the display is superresponsive to your touch which is greatfor gamingblacks are deep and contrast is verygood tooyou can set colors to be pretty accuratein settings and brightness is goodwith a maximum of 460 nits with a sliderand a boost up to 630 nits in auto modewhen in bright sunplus it's all protected by a layer ofgorilla glass 5.for your audio the poco x3 nfc has ahybrid stereo speaker setup with onebottom firing speakerand the earpiece acting as the secondone it's pretty loudscoring very good in our loudness testquality is decent here toobut mid-tones are a bit lacking[Music]there is a 3.5 millimeter jack on thepoco x3 as wellgreat for plugging in traditionalheadphones there's support for fm radiotooand you get a white status led behindthe speaker gorillait'll let you know if you have a missedcall or a message to readyou can wake up and unlock the poco x3nfc with the fingerprint sensor locatedon the sidewhich doubles as the power button it'ssuper responsiveand storage is expandable on this deviceon top of the 64 or 128 gigs built inthe poco x3's interface is xiaomi's newmiui 12based on android 10. it's quite cleanand snappy your apps are stored in anapp drawer by defaultand it automatically organizes them intocategoriessomething unique to the poco is that youdon't get the option to disable thedrawerand keep your apps on the home screenlike you can on xiaomi phonesone special feature in miui 12 is thatthe notification shade can be split intotwo partsa notifications panel and a controlpanelyou also have the ability to put an appinto a floating windowwhere it can hover above everything elsegreat for multitaskingand as before miui 12 packs proprietaryapps for the gallerymusic and video player and in someregions the music and video apps includepaid streaming optionsspeaking of things that may vary fromregion to region we've heard reports ofadsbaked into the user interface in somemarkets but on our unit we didn't runinto any ads whatsoevernow let's talk performance the poco x3nfcruns on a snapdragon 732g it's a newchip that offers some of the bestperformance in the 4gmid-range segment cpu-wise is onlybested by the higher-ranked snapdragon765sand in graphics tests it's able tooutperform most of the mid-ranges we'vetested so fargames run great and i didn't run intoany hiccups with other tasks eitherplus we didn't have any problems withoverheating thanks to a vapor chamberplus two graphite layersthese should help dissipate the heat andprevent hot spotsthe poco x3 nfc is powered by a large 5160 milliamp hour battery and as you'dexpectbattery life is great the phone was ableto score an outstanding endurance ratingof 125 hours in our proprietary teststhough the battery is large you can topit up pretty fast with the 33 wattcharger that comes in the boxwith it we were able to charge the phonefrom zero to 55in half an hour let's move on to thecamerasthe poco x3 nfc packs a quad camerasetupwith a 64 megapixel main cam a 13megapixel ultra wide angle cama 2 megapixel macro cam and a deathsensorjust to note that we had a lens issue onour review unit which caused a blurredarea in the bottom left of the camerasamplesbut we looked past that for our cameraanalysisphotos from the main camera come out in16 megapixelsand they're excellent for this classthere's enough detailgreat contrast lively colors and widedynamic rangethere is some over sharpening and purplefringing around the cornersbut at this price we like these resultsyou can take photos in the native 64megapixel resolution tooand these images are okay though youdon't get much extra detail by shootingthis wayportraits are taken with the main camand the depth sensor and these turn outgoodwith nice detail proficient subjectseparation and natural lookingbackgroundssince there's no telephoto camera onthis device zoomed shots are a digitalcrop from the main cameraat two times these are usable but lackdetail because they're upscaled to 16megapixels after cropping13 megapixel photos taken with the ultrawide camera are very goodthey're quite detailed the colors arenice and there is reasonably widedynamic rangethe lens distortion correction does anall right job tooclose up shots taken with the macro camare okay the detail level is about whatyou'd expect from 2 megapixelsbut there's low noise the fixed focusmakes getting a sharp photo a bit of ahassle thoughnow on to low light shooting here thequality is okbut we've seen better from othermidrangers shots from the main camerahave enough detailbut sharpness and dynamic range aren'tgreat and the noise reduction smearsaway the finer detailsif you turn on the night mode you get abetter result the exposure is brighterand highlights are restored shots takenwith the ultra wide at night are verydarkand are poor in detail and this cameradoesn't support night modemoving on to selfies the poco x3 nfc hasa 20 megapixel front-facing cameraand his photos are good there's enoughdetail nice colorsand excellent contrast focus is fixedbut we didn't find it difficult to takea sharp photothe poco x3 and fc takes videos with itsmain and ultrawide camerasin up to 4k at 30fps footage from themain cam has accurate colorsgreat contrast and wide enough dynamicrange the level of detail is justaveragebut we still like the result videos fromthe ultrawide are pretty good for theclassthe detail level is just okay anddynamic range is limitedbut you get accurate colors and goodcontrastelectronic stabilization is availablefor both cameras and all resolutions andit does a good job in smoothing thingsoutso that's the poco x3 nfc you get alarge and responsive high refresh ratescreensplash proofing a great mid-rangechipset awesome battery lifepretty fast charging and a versatile setof camerasall for just around 230 euros poco wasactually able to deliver on pretty muchevery promiseand it's a pleasant surprise at thisprice point our only nitpicks would bethe ghosting on the screen whenscrolling in 120 hertzand the camera quality and low lut andwhile having stereo speakers iscommendable they could have been tunedbetterbut these things are all pretty easy toforgive when you consider how much valueyou're getting herethe poco x3 nfc is a great mid-rangephone that's definitely worthrecommendingto anyone looking for a ton of bang fortheir buckthanks for watching guys stay safe andsee you on the next oneyou

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